Green growth is now part of our economic model.

Our focus is on creating sustainable industrial processes and an
eco-friendly factory.  Our green initiatives include:

  • The implementation of new initiatives on using energy conserving heat pumps for heating and cooling.
  • Re-using energy to bring down our dependence on the national grid.
  • The introduction of emulsion fuel (water-in-fuel blends) into our operating systems. By substituting more expensive fuel with water we’re limiting the bad-gas by-product of ordinary fuel. The use of emulsion fuel will significantly reduce (by as much as 70-80%) harmful gas emissions, specifically NOX, SOX and CO.
  • All waste by-products in the factory are being recycled where possible.

People matter to us.

All people. Which is why the wellbeing of our employees and their families is important to us. We are intentional about getting actively involved in the social upliftment of local communities. Because we believe that the true success of a company is proved long after the bottom line is met.

Going forward

We are committed to growth through responsible trading and sustainability. We will investigate new technologies for a continually smaller carbon footprint in our factory; and make green adjustments along the supply chain by changing the way we buy.    We are aware that, although meat is the most naturally occurring, well balanced and easily obtained package of proteins, it weighs heavily on the planet.  For this reason we join the worldwide effort in our search for “environmentally friendly” meat, by supporting those livestock traders who are focussed on sustainable farming.

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