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leading the way


Our people travel the world

In search of new food ideas and consult with industry experts to keep abreast of world trends in flavours, products and packaging. The product development team focuses on meeting the specific needs of our clients and customers in both new product development and in upgrading existing products. We have state of the art facilities available to us to keep up to date with industry advancement and to ensure that we are at the leading edge in our developments.

We work with our clients to develop products to suit their customer base. In addition our high technical standards ensure that we deliver only the best.

1. High-tech infrastructure for high quality.

We adhere to all industry standards and legislation to deliver the best possible product, safely and hygienically. Our systems and processes are passed through all quality audits and standards of GMP [Good Manufacturing Practice]. Processes are clearly defined, controlled and validated to ensure consistency and compliance.

2. Full traceability for full control.

Excellent Meat processes provide full traceability of all meat products through barcodes and other tracking media. Farm-to-fork monitoring means that we can track all movement of fresh meat products and steps within the process chain. It is possible to identify by precise date and exact location all processes of our product on its way to you, our customer.

3. Totally Quality Management system [TQM].

The objective of TQM is to prevent errors during meat processing, increase customer satisfaction, streamline supply chain management, and constantly keep abreast of new and improved processing equipment. In addition we ensure that Excellent workers have the highest level of training and are constantly being exposed to newness through continuous professional training

4. Excellent cold chain logistics.

To extend shelf life and to safeguard the quality and hygiene of our meat products, an unbroken cold chain and high performance logistics system is paramount. To further meet this requirement we have our own transport division with a dedicated temperature monitoring system in the truck cargo space. Our own delivery fleet also means that we can offer our customers the benefit of a better turnaround time and ensure continuation of supply. Microbiological testing at critical intervals in the supply chain verifies hygiene and safety.

In order to obtain HACCP and ultimately ISO accreditation

The business has to comply with a number of very stringent government gazetted rules and regulations with regards to construction and layout of building, premises and workspace.  Over and above this, the business needs to prove due diligence with regards to facility, water and energy as well as waste management.

In order to guarantee food safety the business needs to meet the international standards with regards to cleaning and sanitation, pest control, equipment suitability and maintenance, as well as prevention of cross contamination.  To ensure full traceably, it is imperative that very a strict vetting process is carried out with suppliers of all raw materials, ingredients and packaging and often independent audits are carried out.  Product information and mock recall procedures all form part of this system, which is independently audited on an annual basis to ensure that none of the standards have wavered over the year.

A HACCP study is conducted on each and every product produced to identify where hazards can be introduced to either the process or the product.  Once this has been established critical control points on this process needs to be established.  Once these have been identified each process is then routinely monitored and recorded on a daily basis.  Processes are often verified to check the preventive measures that have been put in place are working.

Both HACCP and ISO Standards are independently audited on an annual basis.

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